About Us

EMINENT Services Corporation is a privately owned company founded in 1997 and is the pre-EMINENT provider of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Information Technology Services for pharmaceutical and biotech Industry and Research Organizations including Federal Government. EMINENT offers specialized regulatory guidance throughout the Drug Development Cycle, from bulk drug characterization to product launch and reimbursement support.

EMINENT's approach to drug development is supported by the company's regulatory experience and scientific knowledge in offering various levels of service to its clients since inception. EMINENTS's personnel have extensive experience with investigational drug formulation, development, manufacturing, testing, packaging and distribution. This expertise enables EMINENT to help its clients to launch the new product into the market quickly, efficiently and in a cost effective manner.

Founder: Dr. Krupakar Paul Thadikonda, PhD, DAS, RPh

Dr. K. Paul Thadikonda is the founder and President and CEO of EMINENT Services Corporation (1997) that specializes in providing the investigational drug management and information technology services to pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry and Federal Government/ contract research organizations. He is the holder of several patents in drug product development and technical consultant to several Federal Agencies in clinical drug product development.

Dr. Paul did his studies in Pharmaceutical Sciences and started his teaching career in Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Andhra University, India as Lecturer in Pharmacology. He came to US in 1987 and completed his PhD Degree in Neuropharmacology at St. John’s University, New York in 1991. Headed several positions in Ogden BioServices and McKesson BioServices and resigned as a Senior Vice-President in 1997.

Social Responsibility

Dr. K. Paul Thadikonda is the founder of Thadikonda Research Foundation (TRF), a non-profit corporation with the objectives “To provide awareness, education and training facilities for children and families with special needs” and “To promote pharmaceutical and medical research and training in underdeveloped communities around the world” with specific reference to rare disorders such as Cerebral Palsy and Autism.