Biological Repository

The Biological Specimen Repository is designed for cataloging, archiving, and tracking pre-clinical and clinical biological specimens using our custom designed inventory management system based upon bar coding system. The repository offers freezer (-30 to -10°C), ultra-low freezer (-85°C) and Liquid Nitrogen (-190 to -150°C) storage conditions.

EMINENT facility has redundant equipments for storage and backup generators to mitigate the risk of equipment and power failure. State of the art security and monitoring of the facility and temperature logging of the storage equipments are in place to ensure a secure and safe storage of specimens.

EMINENT designed its biological repository system and database that can be customized to meet the demands of our growing clients with key fields for identification. The system also enables traceability and tracking of the specimens stored in our facility. As required the specimens are barcoded for easy identification and faster readability. Receiving and shipping of biological specimens processes are well designed and reports provided in pdf and csv formats.